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1670 Wasted Radio was founded with a vision of pirate radio in mind.  Being Founded over 20 years ago, the technology was not exactly what it was today.  I believed we used a tape recorder, Duct Tape, Some Cables, and a computer.  Mad Dog was the audio Genius back then and somehow we have made it work.  For me, this radio station brings stress, headache, and one of the biggest joys of my life.  Its because we get to share the magical gift of Talk Radio and Free Speech with the world.  It is truly an amazing feeling!  I want everyone who wants to experience that feeling to have their chance.  So I am offering air time to anyone who would like to participate. 

Midnight Radio was formed to offer a place for free speech! We want to encourage broadcast that stimulate the mind and are of inquisitive natures.  The Midnight Cafe and Coast to Coast are the founding basis for this network.  Right now we air on 1670Wastedradio.com from 10pm - 6am est.  As we add more shows and Growth of the station happens, we are fully prepared to branch Midnight Radio off to its own exclusive stream.  

Would you like to be apart of that growth?  Would you Like to have the opportunity to spread awareness to the world wide audience we have? 


I am offering approved show host through midnight radio your very own website and e-mail adress -

Website adress would be:  http://Yourname.midnighttalkradio.com  - This Website would belong to you and you can use it however you would like as long as it stays in line with our policies and procedures.  The website would be edititable by you through an Admin Link provided.


Email address would be: Yourname@yourname.midnighttalkradio.com 


Midnight  Radio Program director will have final say as to what can air since we are under DMCA License rules.  We will be in constant communication with you about your broadcast. and educating you on the rules for proper broadcast (its not that hard).   If your willing to put in the work on your side, then I am willing to it on this side.  It just takes a little bit of work and audio editing .  I am completley willing to help you with the audio editting as my schedule permits, please just contact us here: if you have any issues,


What you will need - 


You will need some sort of recording software that can record your voice.  If you are a podcaster Im assuming you have thios setup already.  I must ask that the quality is Iphone mic or better.  I will reject recordings with copious amounts background noise. Your Show Segments should be 55 minutes in Length, i will be edditting every file that comes through to ensure the length.  this is very important for scheduling reason and maintaining DMCA License requirements.  It is ok if your show is 2-4 hours long, Just break the show into 55 minute audio clips and label them accordingly by part numbers. If your show segment will be shorter then that, that is no big deal.  Just reach out to me and we can discus a shorter time taht will work for you.  If you are unable to edit your brodcast again, Please reach us here

You will Also need to send me a txt version of the playlist (if you play music) you want to play commercial music during your podcast.  You can pick any song that you want as long as it doesnt go against live 365 broadcasting policies and it is approved by the program director.  The great thing about DMCA Compliance is that our license provides us the abillity to play commercial and copyrighted music.  We can also take request!  So if we are reairing a live show for you and you want to take request, then you can. 


And really that is it!   


We are working twoards being able to offer Live broadcast capabillity, I am trying to reasearch and develop a full proof plan to lay out so we stay DMCA Compliant.  Right now this is the only way I can think to do it.  So if you are interested , please fill out the form below and Someone from our team will get back with you.  Rocknwoody@1670wastedradio.com  If you have any other questions at all please feel free to reach out.  I am the only one that I know of that is offering this.  SO Suggestions are always welcome.

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